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Species Observation #17098

Salvinia molesta - Giant salvinia
Species Data Collection Data Validation

Patch Type: Polygon
Abundance: Common
Disturbance: Other

Collector: Tom Douglas
Satellite: Voyager
Date: 2012-12-08
Time: 240.0 minutes
Location Error: 17 f

Validated: Yes
Date: 2013-04-26
By: Kathryn D'Amico

Collection Notes: Traveling by canoe and kayak from west to east along Mud Lake Bayou, the infestation began as a thin mat at N 29.85499 W 94.72876 and ended a short distance into Mud Lake at N 29.85434 W 94.72327. Along a path southward from Mud Lake, a very thick mat extended from the south shore of Mud Lake at N 29.852914 W 94.721439, all the way to the southern rim of the river basin at N 29.847442 W 94.720664. A light mat has also reached into the south end of Lake Charlotte. I didn’t report each location separately, since the plants float, and they are highly mobile. Many had been swept into the north edge of Mud Lake by the southerly wind that was blowing at that time. A contributing factor to the infestation may be the current drought, necessitating closure of the Trinity River salt water barrier, which holds the water level in the swamp relatively constant, with little circulation.

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