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Author: Cook-Hildreth, Luci
Phone: 512-389-8750
Organization: Texas Parks and Wildlife
Address: 4200 Smith School Rd., Austin , TX, 78724

Abstract Title: EDUCATION AND OUTREACH: OUR MOST EFFECTIVE TOOL - IF WE KNOW HOW TO USE IT! Luci Cook-Hildreth, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Austin, TX.

Abstract Text: In the fight against invasive species, education and outreach are perhaps some of our most effective tools – if we know how to use them. As our society has expanded to include many cultures and backgrounds communicating a broad message to a wide audience has become increasingly difficult. What is the best way to reach people from different backgrounds, different education levels and different cultures? Managers and regulators are tasked with answering this question and developing educational approaches that consider a wide range of potential barriers to effective communication. Values, beliefs, language barriers and traditions should all be considered when trying to effectively communicate the concept of rules, regulations and the problems caused by introducing exotics. Education and outreach efforts have been created at local, state, and federal levels that have utilized different approaches to dealing with common communication barriers. In this presentation we will review some of these current campaign efforts, and discuss new ideas to make education and outreach efforts more effective.

Year: TIPPC_2014
Presentation Type: Oral Presentation
Presenter Type (Student or Regular): Regular
Session: 6. Education and Public Awareness
Submission Date: 2014-01-10