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Fact Sheets

This is the place where we post invasive species fact sheets and related publications. All documents are in PDF format. To view and print, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Texas A&M Forest Service

Emerald Ash Borer: Coming Soon to an Ash Tree Near You!
Buy It Where You Burn It Poster
Emerald Ash Borer: Texas Beware-English
Emerald Ash Borer: Texas Beware-Spanish
Brazilian Peppertree, Schinus terebinthifolius: Prolific Pest of Port Aransas, Texas
Mexican Soapberry Borer Approaches Oklahoma
Emerald Ash Borer in Texas - NOT a Nightmare on Ash Street
Firewood Moved Long Distances: A Modern Day Trojan Horse
EAB and ASH Identification
Emerald Ash Borer: Texas Beware-English and Spanish w/Trap
Texas Counties with Japanese Climbing Fern Infestations
Hello Cogongrass: Goodbye Texas Forest and Grasslands!
The Brazilian Pepper-tree Threatens Texas' Coastal Habitats
Pest Alert: Thousand Cankers Disease of Black Walnut
Soapberry Borer Found in 33 counties in Texas
Impacts of Nonnative Invasive Species on US Forests
How to Recognize Western Soapberry and the Soapberry Borer
Public questionnaire: Location of Soapberry Borer Infestations in Texas
Soapberry Borer, An Exotic Pest Recently Detected in Texas
Unwanted Alien Plants on the Door Step of Texas
Common Immigrants in the Texas Landscape
The Ten Most Unwanted Varmints in Texas
Giant Asian Dodder (Cuscuta japonica) English
Giant Asian Dodder (Cuscuta japonica) Espanol
Giant Asian Dodder (Cuscuta japonica) Vietnamese

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

King Ranch and Kleberg Bluestem Management on Native Lands

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Zebra Mussel Marina Poster
Giant Salvinia Brochure

Zebra Mussel Checklist
Hello Zebra Mussels, Goodbye Texas Lakes!
Zebra Mussel Poster
Zebra Mussels in Texas
Invasives Choke the life out of Texas magazine advertisement
The Dangers of Invasive Species
Aquatic Vegetation Management In Texas: Part 1
Aquatic Vegetation Management In Texas: Part 2
Managing Nuisance Aquatic Plants
Upper San Marcos River Exotics

USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)

Asian Gypsy Moth Survey and Response Guidelines
It's the Law: Before Moving Check for the Gypsy Moth
Attack of the Invasive Species
Attack of the Invasive Species-Spanish
Save Trees!
Giant Hogweed
Tropical Spiderwort
Pest Alert: Cactus Moth
Pest Alert: Asian Longhorned Beetle
Pest Alert: Giant African Snail
Pest Alert: Sirex Woodwasp
Asian Gypsy Moth
Asian Gypsy Moth Introduction and Establishment Model for Texas
FAQ: Asian Longhorn Beetle Control
FAQ: Asian Longhorn Beetle
WANTED: The Asian Longhorn Beetle
Asian Longhorn Beetle Look-a-Likes
Beetle Detectives: Asian Longhorn Beetle
Asian Long Horn Beetle Identification Card
Cactus Moth ID Card
Emerald Ash Borer "Green Menace"-English
Emerald Ash Borer "Green Menace"-Spanish
Emerald Ash Borer "Green Menace"-Hmong
Emerald Ash Borer
Mediterranean Pine Engraver
Sudden Oak Death

US Forest Service

Pest Alert: Thousand Canker Disease
Cogongrass (Imperata cylindrica) Invades Texas Forests
Nonnative Invasive Plants of Southern Forests - Poster
Nonnative Invasive Plants of Southern Forests
Nonnative Forest Pests in the South

Texas Forestry Association "Dirty Dozen"

01 Emerald Ash Borer (239 KB)
02 Asian Longhorned Beetle (312 KB)
03 Sudden Oak Death (56 KB)
04 Chinese Tallow Tree (683 KB)
05 Japanese Climbing Fern (592 KB)
06 Chinese and European Privet (216 KB)
07 Kudzu (250 KB)
08 Giant Reed (2.9 MB)
09 Japanese Honeysuckle (4.2 MB)
10 Formosan Termite (124 KB)
11 Chinaberry (3.8 MB)
12 Gypsy Moth (104 KB)

Various Authors

The New Normal? Not so fast..., Travis Gallo, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and Dr. Steve Windhager, Santa Barbara Botanical Garden
Rapistrum Restoration Ecology, Dr. Mark Simmons, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
THE SAN ANTONIO INVADERS: An Eradication Pilot Program (Poster Presentation), San Antonio Invaders
Brush Buster Mixing Guide, Texas AgriLife Extension
Photinia serratifolia (Rosaceae) Naturalized in Texas, Guy L. Nesom
Mistaken Identity: Invasive plants and their native look-alikes, Delaware Department of Agriculture
Firewood and the Spread of Emerald Ash Borer, John Thompson, Invasive species consultant
Invasive Species Texas, Union of Concerned Scientists
Concerned Shopper card
Dutch Elm Disease in Texas, David N. Appel, Texas A&M University
Zebra Mussel Warning Sign, West Central Texas Municipal Water District