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Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) include both plants and animals that have the potential to cause serious damage to aquatic ecosystems, our economy, and recreational opportunities. In Texas, AIS are one of the top conservation issues. These species impact not only the aquatic habitats and their native species but also the riparian habitats along their shorelines. This training module covers the negative impacts of AIS, with case studies for specific species, as well as how they are introduced and spread, and how you can help to monitor for them and prevent their spread. The module also provides information on managing AIS and on key laws and regulations. For more detailed information, see the Citizen Scientist Handbook, Appendix C.

This module consists of 8 units:

  1. 1. Introduction and Spread of AIS
  2. 2. Negative Impacts of AIS
  3. 3. Early Detection Monitoring
  4. 4. Preventing the Spread of AIS
  5. 5. Managing Aquatic and Riparian Invasive Plants on Private Property
  6. 6. Laws and Regulations Concerning AIS
  7. 7. Selected AIS of Concern in Texas
  8. 8. AIS Management Efforts in Texas

As with the other online training modules, this one concludes by allowing you to demonstrate your understanding by taking a quiz.

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