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Author: McGarrity, Monica
Phone: 512-389-8292
Organization: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Address: 4200 Smith School Rd., Austin, TX, 78744

Abstract Title: Coordination of Increased State Funding for Aquatic Invasive Species Management. Monica McGarrity, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Austin, TX.

Abstract Text: In response to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Legislative Appropriations Request for an increased budget for management of aquatic invasive species, the Legislature allocated $6.6M in funding over the biennium (State Fiscal Years 2016-2017) to address aquatic invasive species issues (through Rider 34 – Statewide Aquatic Vegetation and Invasive Species Management). This unprecedented investment of resources is expected to enable the department and partners to increase annual acreage of aquatic invasive plants treated to promote boater access, expand biocontrol capacity, enhance early detection and containment of aquatic invasive species, implement riparian invasive plant management to support fish conservation initiatives, support critical research, and enhance outreach and awareness efforts. With this new investment comes a significant increase in administrative and technical responsibilities and this expanded scope requires a team-based approach. The department has established a multidivisional working group to help coordinate delivery of projects supported by this funding. This presentation will present an overview of the Rider 34 working group approach, committee structure, and major projects and goals.

Year: TIPPC_2016
Presentation Type: Oral Presentation
Presenter Type (Student or Regular): Regular
Session: 1. Leadership and Coordination
Submission Date: 2016-01-22