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Texas Invasive Plant Inventory

Texas is home to approximately 3,330 native plant species, and is recognized internationally as a "biodiversity hotspot". Approximately 813 non-native species also grow in the wild in the state (Nesom, pers. com). A small number of these are ones that this Inventory considers invasive. Improved understanding of their impacts will help those working to protect Texas' treasured biodiversity.

The Texas Invasive Plant Inventory categorizes non-native invasive plants that threaten the state's wildlands. Categorization is based on a species assessment of the ecological impacts of each plant. The Inventory represents the best available knowledge of invasive plant experts in the state. However, it has no regulatory authority, and should be used with full understanding of the limitations described below.

Plant Assessments

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About the Criteria

These criteria have been designed to support categorized lists of invasive plants by ranking each plant's level of threat to the ecological health of wildlands through evaluation of its ecological impact, ability to invade natural vegetation communities, and current extent of its invasion. Evaluators use an associated Plant Assessment Form to score species using the criteria and to document supporting evidence. Developed for use in California, Arizona, and Nevada, these criteria were adapted for use in Texas by substituting appropriate ecological regions for the state. Based on the California Invasive Plant Inventory by the California Invasive Plant Council and the Southwest Vegetation Management Association.


2006 California Invasive Plant Inventory

2007 California Invasive Plant Inventory Update

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