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Management Event

Events include any volunteer-based effort to remove or treat invasive plant species. These events can occur anywhere in Texas, and should only be conducted with appropriate landowner approval (city, state, or private).

Your Contribution Is Important:

The time and money spent to manage invasive species is often undocumented.
Publicizing your events on will help with recruitment, while following up with the Eradicator Calculator will contribute to a larger body of data. The Eradicator Calculator acts as a centralized location for invasive species control efforts throughout Texas.


Please keep the following tips in mind as you complete the form:
1. Use this form for both scheduling a future managment event AND for reporting a completed management event.
2. If the date you enter occurred before today, the form will automatically recognize that you are entering a completed event and will direct you to the event reporting form when you proceed to the next step, as mentioned below.
3. To use the mapping function to enter the coordinates of your event, click on the "Choose Location on Map" button. A map will appear. Navigate to the location of the event, click on the location on the map to retrieve the coordinates (which will appear under the map), then click on the "Update Report Form" button. The coordinates will be transferred back to this form.
4. If you are reporting a completed event, you can ignore the "Event Details" box.
5. You can only report efforts to manage the 175 invasive plant species in our Invasives Database.

Basic Information

Location Description  

Contact Name  

Group Name  

Eradicator groups examples: boy scouts, parks and recreation departments, nonprofit organizations, etc.


  Will not be displayed


Yes, add this to Eradicator Calendar and iWire
No, just record the species, location and cost of eradication

Event Details  

Ignore if reporting a completed event.
Please include information about location, times and what to bring (e.g., hat, sunscreen, closed toe shoes).


Latitude: Longitude:
(in decimal degrees)


Past Management:
You will immediately be directed to the data entry portion of the Eradicator Calculator .

Future Management:
You will receive an email confirming your Management Event.

A reminder email will be sent 1 Day after your event to enter the following information:
1. Target Invasive Species
2. Method Used
3. Number of Staff Hours
4. Number of Volunteer Hours
5. Miscellaneous Material Costs

*Additional reminder emails will be sent 48 hours and 5 days after your event if you did not enter your event details.